Job Timeline

Click on the main Projects & Jobs navigation item.

The Job Timeline

The Job Timeline gives a quick overview of the number of ongoing jobs and the status that each is currently at.

  • The Timeline only shows jobs where their Job Status's Status Type is not Closed.
  • The Statuses are listed based on their Order. Lower numbered Statuses appear higher on the timeline than Higher numbered statuses.
  • The numbers next to each status represent how many jobs are currently on that status.
  • Jobs where the Job Status's Status Type is On Hold are outside the timeline because they are not currently being worked on, but are still ongoing.

For more information about setting up Job Statuses, controlling their Order and the Status Types, please see the Job Status article.

Clicking through to see Jobs

Clicking on any of the Status Cards will take you to a filtered List View of all Jobs with that status.

Clicking through to see Jobs 2

After clicking on the In Progress card, you will be taken to the Job List View, with a filter applied so that only Jobs with the "In Progress" Job Status is shown in the list.

Creating a new Job

Clicking on any of the New buttons (marked below) will start the process of creating a new Job.

Creating a new Job 2

After clicking on the New button the following popup will appear.

The top option "New Job" will create a new blank job.

The other options are dependent on any Job Templates that have been set up. Clicking one of these options will use that template to create a new job. (For more info on setting up Job Templates please see the article about Using Job Templates.)

If you used one of the New buttons in one of the Status cards, the created Job will automatically be set up with that status. Otherwise the new job will take either the Template's status or the default status.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will be taken to the Job detail view to edit the newly created Job.

For help with Creating Jobs, please see the Jobs article.

The Project Timeline Button

Clicking the button opens the Project Timeline. Please see the Project Timeline article for more information on this feature.

The Open Deck Button

Clicking the Open Deck button will open the Deck for the Job Organizer - for more information on this feature please see the Job Organizer article.

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