Getting Started with Projects, Jobs & Tasks

What is a Project?

A Project is a set of interrelated tasks, grouped into Jobs. Each Job on a Project is used to denote a part of the Project that needs to be completed.

What is a Job?

A Job is a representation of something that needs to be completed. It can be made up of Tasks, Time Spent and Products.

Usually several Tasks devoted to the same goal will be grouped together in a Job.

What is a Task?

A Task is a single specific item that needs to be completed as part of a Job. A Task should have a single goal to be accomplished, which will be a step in the completion of the Job.

A Project might be used for several things. One example is creating a music album.

The clear overarching goal of this project is to release the album. In order to do this, several Jobs need to be completed. Some of those Jobs also have their own Tasks that need to be completed so that the Project can progress.

The project might look something like this:

On the Job level, each song to be recorded has its own set of tasks that need to be completed so that the song can be finished.

Not all Jobs require tasks; it may make more sense to just have the job on its own as a single thing to be done.

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