Creating a Single Log Book Entry

There is some situation that you need to create a single Log book Entry, this is ideal if you need to do service runs or you need to do once off Log Book

Goto the Site List view

Search for the Site

  1. Type in the name of the site in the name field
  2. Click on Apply

Click on Quick Logbook entry

  1. Click on the new drop down menu
  2. Clck on Quick Logbook Entry

Log Book

  1. Site Link to the Log Book
  2. Company link to the log book
  3. Service interval link to the Log book
  4. Due Date of the log book
  5. Start date. This is needed, if you need to know the start of the service log. Sometimes users needs to drop asset off at a site, this start date is change by the user. This helps to see how long the asset/product has been on site.
  6. Complete date of the log book service
  7. Product Service: What type of product on the log book
  8. Comments : This is general comments on the service, This can be comments on log when on site, or general comments for the techincian
  9. Completed By Which user it has been completed by
  10. Job : If there was a Job link to the Log book.
  11. Invoice : if there is a Invoice Link to the Log book
  12. Status (Failed, Open, Skipped and Closed)
  13. Run Sheet : if there us a run sheet connected to this
  14. Zone: What type of Zone
  15. Owner: Who created the Log Book

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