Managing Asset Maintenance planning

In CreataCRM you are able to manage recourring Jobs on Assets by creating Service Intervals and create Jobs from them

Goto Log Book

  1. Navigation Bar
  2. Click on Asset Management
  3. Logbook

Asset Maintenance planning view

  1. The Asset
  2. Type of Product Service
  3. Company that has the asset
  4. Site (location)
  5. Service Interval Name
  6. Due Date
  7. If it is Completed
  8. Job link if you created a Job

View Jobs for the Month

  1. Click on the Filter button on the Due Date
  2. Click on the Month you would like to organise the Service

Select the Items you would like service

  1. Tick on the items to Action
  2. Either Create a Job on the Asset
  3. Or Complete and Invoice Service

Creating a Job

You can create a Job

  1. Number of Asset per Job
  2. Job pre Site
  3. Job Per Asset
  4. Or per Item

Time and Techincal person

Then you can assign the time and the user or users

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