Changing a Service Interval

This article will describe the process of changing the recurrence period of a service interval. In most circumstances the best way to do this would be to close off the current Service Interval and begin a new one.

Find the Service Interval

Go to the Site whose Service interval is being modified and finc the service interval in the Service Intervals tab.


In the row of the Service Interval that is being modified, click the Edit button.

Change the End Date

Change the End Date to the date that this interval will end.


At the top click the Save button.

Clean up future Logbook Entries

If you have already generated Logbook Entries for the now closed Service Interval, these will need to be cleaned up. The Logbook Entries can be cleaned up from the Site view: go to the Logbook tab.

In here, filter the list to the Service Interval that is ending, and also filter the Due field to where the date is after the end date you entered for the interval.


make sure to use the delete button that is inside the Logbook tab - the one at the top will delete the Site itself.

this process can also be done on the Service Interval's detail view. (You won't need to do the Service Interval filter step here as all entries in this list are for the current Service Interval.)

The process can also be done from the Logbook list view.

Create a new Service Interval for the new recurrence period

Follow the process outlined in Creating a Service Interval to set up a new recurrence period for this Site.

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