Cost Centre on Jobs

With CreataCRM, we have cost centre inside of CreataCRM Jobs, this will help you have allow you to have a central area to review the quoted ifems, Estimated Cost. Then you can get the actuals Cost and Revene from the JOb.

To Access the Cost Centre in a Job

Open up the Job in CreataCRM, and the click on the Cost Centre Tab

Cost Centre Cards

  1. Linked Quoted : This is the Quoted linked to the Quote
  2. Profit is the Estimated Profit:
  3. Material Cost
    1. Estimated cost = $220 is the cost on the items on the Job. Material cost has a Blue M button
    2. Actual Cost = Products used on the Job from Purchase orders, Use off the warehouse or sales orders
  4. Labour Costs
    1. Estimated Cost is the Labour Cost Which has a Green L which is $100
    2. Actual is the actual time, from Time sheets or start on stop timers.
  5. Linked invoices

Actual Items

In the Cost Centre, it wil give you a easy list view of the items

  1. Actual Time : This is users Rates or item rates, the Profit and th cost of the labour
  2. Invoice Items is the Items been invoiced
  3. Purchase order items, which is the Actual cost of the materials

Oder Centre - Procurement

  1. Click on the order centre
  2. Click on Procurement
  3. Actions per line that gives you actions you can do per item
    1. SO = Sales order
    2. RES = Reserve stock
    3. Use = Use the Stock on the Stock item
    4. Paper is the PO
  4. Stock Status: the What you need to do
  5. Actual Cost : The item has a purchase, which is on a PO Item

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