CreataCRM Tasks

Creating Tasks

To create a new Task:

  1. Click on Tasks in the navigation
  2. Click the new button
  3. Give the Task a Subject
  4. Set a Schedulked start for the Task
  5. Give the Task a Due Date
  6. Add Allocated Time to the Task
  7. Select a Task Type for the Task
  8. Add a Reminder Time for Notifications
  9. Tick is you want an email notification
  10. Assign the users to the Task. Note that your user is added automatically.
  11. Add Contacts to the Task
  12. Add Companies to the Task
  13. Add any needed Description to the Task

Task Quick Create

In a Contact or Company, you can use the Quick Task shortcut to create a new Task for that Contact/Company:

  1. Open the New dropdown
  2. Click on Quick Task
  3. The Contact (or Companies Primary Contact) is added automatically
  4. The Company (or Contacts Primary Company) is added automatically

Once you've fill out the Task

Assigning Users

To assign the Task to additional users:

  1. Search the users name into the Assigned Users section
  2. Select the user from the dropdown, and press Enter
  3. The user will be added to the section. Once you save the Task, the new user will be able to see it in their Task list

Task Notifications

  1. By default, Tasks don't have a Reminder Time set. But if you choose a Reminder time, any users assigned to that task will get a Notification. The value you choose dictates how early the Notification appears (so a Reminder Time of 15 minutes meanst that the users on this Task would get a Notification 15 minutes before it's due)
  2. You can also tick Send Email Reminder, if you want the notification to be sent via email

My Open Tasks

You can view a list of Tasks that you need to complete. To do this:

  1. Click on the ... beside Tasks
  2. Click on View Variants
  3. Click on My Open Tasks

Completing Tasts

Tasks can be marked as completed. This can be done:

  1. Through the Task list, by clicking the Tick icon
  2. Through the Task detail view, by clicking the Completed button

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