Recurring Tasks

To Create Recurring Task goto the Customer (Contact or Company you like to schedule

Click on Task on the action button

Click on the Task button

Define the Task

  1. Define the Subject
  2. Define the Due Date
  3. If needed define the reminder
  4. And the time it will remind before the Due date
  5. Assign the user or users
  6. And the contact
  7. And the company
  8. The select the recurrence settings

Recurrence Settings

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • No End Date
  • End after
  • End by

Weekly Settings

You can set what day it land on

Monthly and yearly Settings

Either set day on the month or certain days on the month

Once you have chosen the Recurrence

Click on OK to Create the Recurrence

Goto to Your Tasks

  1. Click on Client Page Menu
  2. Click on My Task

Complete the task

Click on Complete on the complete button

It will automaticly create another task

The Rule will apply and it will create another task

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